Heavy industry

The problem that the industry is facing nowadays is ensuring flawless products and continuous manufacturing. Any defect or flaw on the product incur significant costs to the company, either due to the refusing of orders or possible lawsuits by consumers. Errors in the production process can lead to damage to various systems or devices. One source of errors is the presence of metallic contaminants in products or raw materials. Therefore, the detection and elimination of metal contaminants is an important part of the production process in different areas.

Metallic contaminants can enter the manufacturing process in many ways. They can be found in starting materials or can formed when defects occur on metal machinery and equipment, which are part of the manufacturing process. Metallic contaminants that occur where various machines for processing starting materials are used in the manufacturing process can pose a risk for defects on the machinery. Such damage can also result in longer shutdown of production, which is connected to high costs. Detection and separation of metal contaminates are therefore important factors of production efficiency in various industries. For the detection of metallic contaminates, metal detectors are used, which detect metal particles and separates them from the manufacturing process.