MDR d.o.o. has more than 30 years of experience with manufacturing the metal detectors and magnetic separators for different industries. MDR equipment is installed in more than 35 countries in the world.

Since the start of the company 's operation, the core business was the manufacturing of industrial metal detectors and separators for all types of industry. The company was initially focused primarily on the manufacturing of metal detectors for mining, mineral processing and the timber industry. After the implementation of the HACCP standard, which includes verifying the presence of metal particles in food, we have also focused on the needs of the food processing industry.

In recent years, the use of HACCP standard is increasing also in the pharmaceutical industry (among other standards, for example FDA standards). Thus, the company has manufactured metal detectors for the pharmaceutical industry since 2000.

In the last twenty years, a great progress has been made in the field of metal detectors and magnetic separators. The ability to detect metal has significantly improved and the development went mainly towards the detection of ever smaller particles of non-magnetic steels (eg. stainless steel, which is prevalent in food and pharmaceutical industry ). This required for the temperature sensitivity of circuits in a detector to be improved to ensure the operation at higher frequencies and consequently the detection of ever smaller particles of stainless steel.

Since its beginnings, the company has primarily focused on the development of magnetic detectors, in the manufacturing of which many components, such as casing, electronics (LCD screens, lasers, integrated circuits ) and transport systems were ordered from external suppliers. Thus, the company has maintained flexibility and adaptability with respect to changes in the market as well as its focus on the primary activity, the development of accurate and high-performance metal detectors for industrial purposes.

The key business activity is the manufacturing of industrial metal detectors and separators for all industries. We are a renowned manufacturer of devices for detection and separation of metal parts from raw materials or finished products. Our main objective is the compliance of our products with the needs and expectations of our customers. Due to our extensive experience, we offer development and manufacturing of devices tailored to your wishes and needs.

As part of the company's operation and business, the loyalty to the company, good cooperation with the employees and other partners, important to the company, ensure constant development and growth of the company. Main skills include designing of metal detectors, magnets and magnetic separators.