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Rotating magnetic grate RRM

  • Ensures the highest possible llevel of ferromagnetic particles separation and consequently higher quality of finished products.
  • Efficient operation. Without stopping the material and interrupting operatons.
  • Without stopping material and interrupting work.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Control unit: the latest digital technology, digital and analogue filters, automatic balancing.

Remove metal contaminants and avoid damage to the molding-injection devices, thrust systems, cylinders, mixing machines, presses and other equipment. The metal contaminants thus pose a problem, due to which the quality of the products reduces or the manufacturing process stops.

The RRM rotating magnetic grates and MFC conduit magnetic filters ensure a separation of metallic contaminants. This is very important in the manufacturing of plastics.

Rotating magnetic grates are particularly suitable for the application in the food industry, namely for products such as sugar, flour, powdered milk and similar.