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Magnetic Drum Separator MB-SZ

The magnetic drum/separator is intended for automatic cleaning of mixtures containing larger amounts of iron and iron oxides, which we want to separate from the raw material/ore itself.

Due to the very difficult working conditions, the entire magnetic drum is made of stainless steel and is additionally protected with polyurethane due to the high abrasion of the material.  The auger is used for automatic removal of iron and iron foreign bodies. The auger is made of hardox and the excretory auger is made of stainless steel, which is also additionally protected with polyurethane due to high abrasion.

A magnetic drum/separator is used to clean the ore (for example gold), which also contains impurities of iron oxides and iron. The ore, mixed with sand and water, travels to a concentrator where the ore is separated from the sand and soil. When using the centrifugal force of the concentrator, sand and water are easily separated from ore (gold). However, since iron and gold have a very specific material density compared to water and sand, it is separated together as a single mixture (ore + iron). The problem that arises is that in the process of separating ore from other premises with the help of g-force (centrifugal force) in addition to ore (gold) also eliminates large amounts of iron and iron oxides, which usually occur in the extraction of ore (gold).

Further extraction of iron and iron oxides from ore (gold) is very time consuming and also difficult, as in the extraction of iron and iron oxides there is a problem to remove not only iron and iron oxides but also many already found ores (gold). As a result, gold yields are lower and the ore mining process is longer. 

In order to increase the yield and speed up the ore cleaning process, MDR has developed a MAGNETIC DRUM/SEPARATOR, which is designed to operate in extreme conditions and allows the removal of iron and iron oxides before the raw material enters the concentrator. Iron and iron oxides are extracted from a mixture of water, sand and ore. With such separation, large amounts of iron and iron oxides are eliminated before entering the concentrator. As a result, the yield of ore (gold) from the concentrator is much higher and the further process of removing impurities from the ore (gold) is faster and more affordable.

The magnetic separator was developed in collaboration with manufacturers of equipment used to extract gold from rivers. When designing the magnetic separator itself, we took into consideration high standards and extreme conditions in which the magnetic drum/separator must operate smoothly and at the same time we ensured with additional protections that the device’s life is as long as possible.