Metal detectors are specialized electronic devices that detect and mark the presence of all type of metal, (magnetic and nonmagnetic) particles in the manufacturing process.

Metal detectors are applicable in many different industry fields (timber industry, mines, plastics and rubber processing, food preparation and processing, pharmaceutical industry, glass, textiles, paper, recycling, etc., and especially in various processing industries), where metal particles disturb the manufacturing process or influence the product’s quality and usability.

The design of metal detectors allows their application as follows: 

  • in combination with a conveyor belt,
  • in combination with a vibrating conveyor mechanism,
  • in free falling materials,
  • in pressure or vacuum transport systems.


We recommend purchasing a metal detector together with a conveyor belt. Our conveyors are constructed not to interfere with the operation of the detector and thus allow for the smooth and optimal operation.

MDR metal detectors provide:

  • very high level of detection and separation of metallic impurities,
  • modern technology,
  • customization to the customer’s needs,
  • minimal product loss,
  • orientation towards problem solving,
  • construction in accordance with the HACCP recommendations,
  • user-friendly application.
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